A story in a country called Gerzal. A trading country that has a strong army and is expanding its colonies. Told a female warrior named Tigres who was arrested and sold as a slave and ended up in the gladiator's arena. Gladiator Arena is intended to show entertainment for the residents of Gerzal country, but sometimes also intended to embarrass the prisoners of war from a land that has been conquered. Inside the gladiatorial arena Tigres meets Gorad, a veteran fighter who is convicted of rebelling and killing his own superiors on the battlefield.

The gladiatorial arena is located in a town called Elioran. Elioran is an entertainment city located in Gerzal country. Elioran is led by a corrupt governor named Yelazar. Yelazar is one of the richest men in the country of Gerzal. Yelazar had a wife named Korra who did not like Yelazar's behavior.

Yelazar had many mistresses and a mistress's wife, which deepened Korra's heart. Encouraged by feelings of great hurt, Korra begins to look for ways to overthrow Yelazar. Korra secretly began to establish connections with the board of the gadiator arena and began to strengthen his influence among the gladiators. Inside the gladiator arena, Korra begins to meet Gorad, who is a powerful enough person among the gladiators.

Together with Korra, Gorad, Tigres and other rebel forces, they plan to overthrow Yelazar. But surely it will not be as easy as turning your palms. Yelazar has many troops ready to undo their plans.


She is a 32-year-old sword fighter from the land of Zaldam who was previously an adopted daughter who was later arrested and sold to a merchant from the land of Gerzal when the country of Zaldam lost the war and his adopted father died on the battlefield.

By the age of 14, she had been trained by her master who was a former soldier, the art of fighting swords and shields. Her master's name was Zotag, a soldier from the land of Zaldam who picked up and raised the children of war victims, to be independent.


He is a 55-year-old veteran fighter who was convicted of the gladiator's arena for disobeying his superior's orders. They hope that he will die in the arena of gladiators, but it turns out Gorad actually triumphed in the arena of gladiators.

Gorad is an expert in melee combat using big axes or swords. In the arena of gladiators he is very respected, so his opinion is often heard by other gladiator colleagues.


She is the wife of a governor of the town of Elioran named Yelazar. Elioran is one of the big cities in Gerzal country, the city where the gladiatorial arena exists.

Korra is a rebel leader, who aims to overthrow Yelazar, her own husband. Encouraged by a deep sense of jealousy, Korra begins to gather support and troops to make this plan a success.